Wednesday, July 19, 2017

7/19 Larry Van Aalst talks with Christopher O'Gorman & Greg Morthole

 Christopher O'Gorman - Director of Communications, Rodney Strong Wine Estates 

Chris is a veteran in the wine business, with stints at some of the most recognized wineries in Northern California & The position at Rodney strong is natural. We talk about the amazing special events going on at the winery, but mainly the Davis Bynum brand that is a part of the Rodney Strong organization.

Greg Morthole - Winemaker, Davis Bynum Winery 

Following in the footsteps of Davis Bynum, Greg is the winemaker at Davis Bynum Winery. With a forward vision and a nod to the past, the wines are exceptional, and honor the founder of one of the most progressive wineries in Sonoma County. As part of the Rodney Strong family, Davis Bynum continues to be on the top of my list of favorites.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7/5 Larry Van Aalst talks to Rene Byck & Scot Covington

 Rene Byck - Co-owner, Paradise Ridge Winery

Being Co-owner of Paradise Ridge winery in Santa Rosa Ca, is a dream job for sure. With his brother in law Dan Barwick making award winning wines,  support from the entire family, and one of the most beautiful wineries in the United States, Rene is sitting on top of the world. Located at the north end of Santa Rosa, the winery and vineyards are one of the most popular spots for events in the wine country. There is a long list of special reasons to visit throughout the year, the outdoor Art Garden is beyond compare. As one of the extraordinary venues for weddings, you can't miss, when you are in Sonoma County, stopping at Paradise Ridge.

 Scot Covington - Winemaker, Trione Winery

Just outside of Geyserville in the Alexander Valley, Scot is the Winemaker at Trione Winery. With a long history in Sonoma County the Trione Family found a gem  of a winemaker in Scot and he is producing wines winning major awards. A world traveler, with a degree from Fresno State, the choice to premier the winery with Scot at the helm has worked perfectly. We talk about the Sonoma scene and what is happening with the 2017 vintage.