Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3/29 Larry Van Aalst talks to George Christie & Ray Johnson

George Christie - Founder & CEO, Wine Industry Network 

Involved in the wine business for many years, George sits on agency boards, has worked for Northern California Wineries that are household names, and now runs a newsletter that gives you more information than any other. We talk about Spring in Sonoma, politics and wine, and the prospect of a great 2017 vintage.

Ray Johnson -  Director of the Wine Business Institute, Sonoma State University 

Educator, Author, Wine Competition Maven, and all around good guy, Ray is with us to talk about the new building at Sonoma State University. The Wine Business Program is off to a great start and is already known around the world. With the addition of the hub of the program, the students will enjoy state of the art surroundings on their way to a Masters Degree in Wine Business. We talk about the progress and the date we expect the opening. With the addition of the Green Center a few years ago, world class entertainment is at hand and expect more great things all about wine. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3/15 Larry Van Aalst talks with Tim McDonald & Jim Gordon

 Tim McDonald - Founder, Wine Spoken Here 
A part of two of the best wine competitions in California, Tim is also a principle in Wine Spoken Here. The Central Coast Wine Competition, and The San Francisco International, are just around the corner and Mr. McDonald has a big job ahead of him. We talk about the logistics of staging an international event, and all about the Paso Robles Competition.

Jim Gordon - Editor, Wines and Vines Magazine 

Jim is with us in part to talk about a huge cork seminar in the works and what's new in the field of closures. We talk about the newest approaches to making world class wine, and his outlook for the now well watered vineyards in California.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3/1 Larry Van Aalst talks with Beth Costa & Dan Barwick

 Beth Costa - Executive Director, Wine Road Northern Sonoma County

Being the person in charge of The Wine Road in Sonoma County, this also means you are the host of the worlds largest wine event. Beth has been hosting the Barrel Tasting for years now. Including more than 100 wineries, you have a chance to taste barrel samples, current releases, and meet principles in some of Northern California's best. We talk about this huge event scheduled for two weekends in March, and Beth will give you the inside scoop on how to have the best time on the Road.

Dan Barwick - Winemaker, Paradise Ridge Winery  

Winemaker and part of the family at Paradise Ridge Winery, Dan is a pro at putting together a great time at Paradise Ridge during the Barrel Tasting season. A favorite stop for CRN's Mike Horn, this Santa Rosa winery Is a must visit. Award winning wines, beautiful vistas, and the best outdoor art gallery in Sonoma County make for an unforgettable experience. Dan along with Beth Costa will fill you in on the best way to join the fun for the biggest of wine country events.