Wednesday, November 23, 2016

11/23 Larry Van Aalst talks to Sheila Quince & Dan Barwick

 Sheila Quince - Coordinator, Sonoma County Event Center

After a long association with the Sonoma County Fair, Sheila retired in 2014, but has been called back to run events at The Event Center. All those things we think about as being a part of  a county fair, and the wine competition that has been a big part of Sonoma County's claim to fame are under her watchful eye. We talk about The Harvest Fair Wine Competition and it's impact on the
Wineries of Sonoma.

Dan Barwick - Winemaker, Paradise Ridge Winery

A regular guest on The Sonoma Wine Report, Dan, last week won the Sweepstakes Award at the Grand Harvest Wine Challenge. Although this is not the first Sweepstakes Award he has won, Dan tells us the importance of winning a nationally important prize.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/9 Larry Van Aalst talks to David Brice & Randy Pitts

David Brice - Redwood Hill Farm

The Bice family started Redwood Hill Farm as an offshoot of the children's 4H program, and as the years passed, it flourished into one of Sonoma County's premiere Goat Cheese producers. A favorite of CRN's Mike Horn, the products from Redwood Hill, are not only receiving accolades but setting a standard for the industry. David talks with us about what the new year will bring at the farm, and explain the ethical treatment of the goats and a heartfelt respect for the earth.

Randy Pitts - Winemaker, Harvest Moon Winery

Being Winemaker for a family owned winery gives Randy the chance to follow his own drum. A style that is softer, and more food oriented is obvious when you sample the Harvest Moon wines. Winning countless medals and awards, Randy's  direction has put smiles on the faces of his family, and the consumers alike. We talk about the 2016 vintage, new releases, and perhaps a comment on election day and it's effect on the industry.