Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2/15 Larry Van Aalst talks to The Count & Barry Lawrence

 Agoston Haraszthy - The Count, Buena Vista Winery

Buena Vista Winery has one of the most recognized figures in Northern California as the goodwill ambassador . The Count, in period costume and his trademark stovepipe hat, hosts dinners, leads tours, and brings the spirit of the founder of the oldest winery in Sonoma alive. We talk about the developments at Buena Vista, and how you can participate in the total experience.

Barry Lawrence - Founder, Eagle Ridge Winery 

Author, educator, fixture in both food and wine in Sonoma County and around the world, Founder of Eagle Ridge Winery, and a commercial pilot. Barry is also a historian, and tells us of the Count at Buena Vista Winery. Barry has stories for us all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2/1 Larry Van Aalst talks to Miro Tcholakov & Elizabeth Slater

 Miro Tcholakov - Vice President of Winemaking, Trentadue Winery  

Being the Vice President of winemaking at Trentadue Winery, and having his own brand, Miro Wines, Mr. Tcholakov is one of  the stars in Sonoma County. Coming off a sweepstakes prize at The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, and a quick trip to visit family in Bulgaria Miro has jetted in to be on this weeks show. Especially involved in Rhone style wines, he is with us to talk about the new releases from both wineries, and the effect of a major win at the worlds largest competition of American wines.

Elizabeth Slater - Founder, In Short Direct Marketing 

A savant in the marketing field, Elizabeth is the founder of In Short Direct Marketing. A veteran in the Wine Industry and a Motivational Speaker, Elizabeth is here to talk about the future of California Wines, and in specific, the Wine Label Competition she runs in Northern California. A long time friend and a fixture in the business, lends for great stories and insight into all things wine.