Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10/26 Larry Van Aalst talks with Bob Peak & Remy Martin

 Bob Peak - Principle, The Beverage People

As one of the principles in The Beverage People, Bob is the go to for all things wine, beer, cheese, and vinegar in Northern California. Located in Santa Rosa the shop is available to both professional, and home makers of things fermented. We talk about homemade gifts for the holidays that will delight all that receive one, and An assessment of the 2016 vintage is on the slate.

 Remy Martin - Co/Proprietor & Brewer, Fogbelt Brewing Company

Remy and his partner come from notable wine making families. Located in Santa Rosa, Fogbelt is the perfect stop when the tasting rooms close. We talk about the " Hot Bed" of Brewpubs that Sonoma County represents, and your chance to visit a brewery directly next door to a winery.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10/12 Larry Van Aalst talks to Barry Lawrence & Jil Child

Barry Lawrence - Founder, Eagle Ridge Winery

Author, Lecturer, International Wine Judge, International Educator, Founder of Eagle Ridge Winery, Member of the Dionysian Society, Past President of the Sonoma County Farm Trails, all keep Barry a very busy man. Along with all his other interests, Barry is a commercial pilot and instrument flight instructor. We talk about Sonoma County and the future of wine in Northern California.

 Jil Child - Owner, Wine Tours of the World

A veteran of all things wine in Sonoma County, Jil is a certified Sommelier, and partner in Wine Tours of the World. We chat about the Sonoma State University Wine Business Program, and the part Jil plays in putting students on the path to successful tasting room management. The best way to see wine country all over the world will be on the slate also.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

9/28 Larry Van Aalst talks with Vikram Badham & Brenda Chatelain

 Vikram Badham - Owner, Wilibees Market

As one of the owners of Wilibees Market  in both Santa Rosa, and Petaluma, Vikram has reinvented the classic liquor store/wine shop. With wine, spirits, food and education, Wilibees is a destination shop that brings together, in one spot, a new age approach to shopping. When the tasting rooms are closed and you are looking for something great to bring back from Sonoma County, stop by Wilibees for a bite and
a great selection of your favorite products.

Brenda Chatelain - Partner, The Smoked Olive 

Brenda has a lock on the best of the unique products from Sonoma County. The Smoked Olive offers a range of items, smoked with their special process that have the trade magazines and chefs raving. From olive oil to brown sugar, these are some of my favorite Sonoma County crafted gems.