Wednesday, December 21, 2016

12/21 Larry Van Aalst talks with Chris Russi & Will Seppi

 Chris Russi - Winemaker, Comstock Winery

Chris heads up one of the newest teams in the area. After making a name at Christopher Creek Winery, his latest venture puts him on the map as one of the best around. Not only exceptional
in his job, Chris is THE nice guy in Northern California, and my favorite guest for the Christmas Show!

Will Seppi - President, Costeaux French Bakery

For more than ten years Will has been heading up Costeaux French Bakery, an icon in Sonoma County. With sweeps in the medals department at our local fairs, and a national Best Bakery in the United States Award, Costeaux is the place to put together a picnic for your day of tasting, or to stop by the Bistro for a real treat. Will gives us his hints for what to do during the holidays, and how he puts together the thousands of loaves of bread for the upcoming Chronicle Wine Competition.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12/7 Larry Van Aalst talks with Jeremy Kreck & Timo Marshall

 Jeremy Kreck - Winemaker, Mill Creek Winery

Being Winemaker for Mill Creek Winery, and balancing a full family life has Jeremy smiling all the time. Award winning wines, and one of the most beautiful locations in all of Sonoma County puts Mill Creek as a must visit on your next trip to Northern California. We talk about the 2016 vintage, and things to do during the Holidays in Wine Country, along with trying the new releases.

Timo Marshall - Distiller, Spirit Works Distillery 

Spirit Works Distillery, is one of the crowing touches of The Barlow Center . Just west of Santa Rosa. Timo, and his wife Ashley have, in a few short years made a big impression on the media, and their customers . Gin, Vodka, and Brown Whiskey, are just some of what they do, and do they do it well! We talk about the other side of the lucky coin in Sonoma County, Breweries and Distilleries. Timo shares a parking lot with some of the best wineries in the world and now you have the chance to try some of the best spirits by just walking next door.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

11/23 Larry Van Aalst talks to Sheila Quince & Dan Barwick

 Sheila Quince - Coordinator, Sonoma County Event Center

After a long association with the Sonoma County Fair, Sheila retired in 2014, but has been called back to run events at The Event Center. All those things we think about as being a part of  a county fair, and the wine competition that has been a big part of Sonoma County's claim to fame are under her watchful eye. We talk about The Harvest Fair Wine Competition and it's impact on the
Wineries of Sonoma.

Dan Barwick - Winemaker, Paradise Ridge Winery

A regular guest on The Sonoma Wine Report, Dan, last week won the Sweepstakes Award at the Grand Harvest Wine Challenge. Although this is not the first Sweepstakes Award he has won, Dan tells us the importance of winning a nationally important prize.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/9 Larry Van Aalst talks to David Brice & Randy Pitts

David Brice - Redwood Hill Farm

The Bice family started Redwood Hill Farm as an offshoot of the children's 4H program, and as the years passed, it flourished into one of Sonoma County's premiere Goat Cheese producers. A favorite of CRN's Mike Horn, the products from Redwood Hill, are not only receiving accolades but setting a standard for the industry. David talks with us about what the new year will bring at the farm, and explain the ethical treatment of the goats and a heartfelt respect for the earth.

Randy Pitts - Winemaker, Harvest Moon Winery

Being Winemaker for a family owned winery gives Randy the chance to follow his own drum. A style that is softer, and more food oriented is obvious when you sample the Harvest Moon wines. Winning countless medals and awards, Randy's  direction has put smiles on the faces of his family, and the consumers alike. We talk about the 2016 vintage, new releases, and perhaps a comment on election day and it's effect on the industry.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10/26 Larry Van Aalst talks with Bob Peak & Remy Martin

 Bob Peak - Principle, The Beverage People

As one of the principles in The Beverage People, Bob is the go to for all things wine, beer, cheese, and vinegar in Northern California. Located in Santa Rosa the shop is available to both professional, and home makers of things fermented. We talk about homemade gifts for the holidays that will delight all that receive one, and An assessment of the 2016 vintage is on the slate.

 Remy Martin - Co/Proprietor & Brewer, Fogbelt Brewing Company

Remy and his partner come from notable wine making families. Located in Santa Rosa, Fogbelt is the perfect stop when the tasting rooms close. We talk about the " Hot Bed" of Brewpubs that Sonoma County represents, and your chance to visit a brewery directly next door to a winery.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10/12 Larry Van Aalst talks to Barry Lawrence & Jil Child

Barry Lawrence - Founder, Eagle Ridge Winery

Author, Lecturer, International Wine Judge, International Educator, Founder of Eagle Ridge Winery, Member of the Dionysian Society, Past President of the Sonoma County Farm Trails, all keep Barry a very busy man. Along with all his other interests, Barry is a commercial pilot and instrument flight instructor. We talk about Sonoma County and the future of wine in Northern California.

 Jil Child - Owner, Wine Tours of the World

A veteran of all things wine in Sonoma County, Jil is a certified Sommelier, and partner in Wine Tours of the World. We chat about the Sonoma State University Wine Business Program, and the part Jil plays in putting students on the path to successful tasting room management. The best way to see wine country all over the world will be on the slate also.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

9/28 Larry Van Aalst talks with Vikram Badham & Brenda Chatelain

 Vikram Badham - Owner, Wilibees Market

As one of the owners of Wilibees Market  in both Santa Rosa, and Petaluma, Vikram has reinvented the classic liquor store/wine shop. With wine, spirits, food and education, Wilibees is a destination shop that brings together, in one spot, a new age approach to shopping. When the tasting rooms are closed and you are looking for something great to bring back from Sonoma County, stop by Wilibees for a bite and
a great selection of your favorite products.

Brenda Chatelain - Partner, The Smoked Olive 

Brenda has a lock on the best of the unique products from Sonoma County. The Smoked Olive offers a range of items, smoked with their special process that have the trade magazines and chefs raving. From olive oil to brown sugar, these are some of my favorite Sonoma County crafted gems.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9/14 Larry Van Aalst talks with Matt Lowe & Tucker Taylor and Tim McDonald

 Matt Lowe - CIA Graduate and Tucker Taylor - Head Gardener, KJ Gardens

The Big Kendall-Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival is just around the corner. Chef Matt, and Gardner, Tucker join the show to give us the details about one of the best festivals in Sonoma County. September 24th is the day that KJ hosts some of the best chefs of the area, and has a competition for the best tomato based food ever. More than 175 different varieties are available to taste, and the great Family Wines are poured at the gardens, just north of Santa Rosa.

Tim McDonald - Founder, Wine Spoken Here

A real wine country veteran, Tim is involved in some of the biggest wine competitions in California. Part of Wine Spoken Here, he travels and promotes a large portfolio of California, and international products. We talk about the 2016 vintage, and some of the best wines in the market.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8/31 Larry Van Aalst talks to Darren LaShelle and Josua Mellars, & Amanda Garland

 Darren LaShelle and Joshua Mellars - Producers, KRCB

With the big KRCB Wine Country Auction just around the corner, Darren and Josh are with us to talk about the great auction lots that we all can bid on. The local PBS station, garners, some amazing donations from all over Northern California, and a live TV auction, takes place the second week of Sept.  By way of the internet, everyone can participate. Don't miss some "only found here" items that  you can check out online.

Amanda Garland - Wine Educator,  Seghesio Winery

One of the wonderful hosts at Seghesio Winery,  Amanda is with us to talk about what's happening with the new releases and the upcoming Wine Country Weekend. Amanda is also a veteran of the KRCB Auction, and will give us the inside info.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

8/17 Larry Van Aalst talks to Dan Barwick & The Cotati Accordian Festival

 Dan Barwick - Winemaker, Paradise Ridge Winery

Family member and Winemaker at Paradise Ridge Winery, Dan works at one of the most beautiful wineries in all of Sonoma. Award winning wines, and a destination art centered property make this a must visit when in Sonoma County. We talk about a new program just beginning at Paradise Ridge, and a national award they are in the running for, along with the big Sonoma County Wine Weekend happening the Labor Day weekend.

The Cotati Accordian Festival

One of the worlds largest festivals celebrating the accordion is happening the end of the month in the small town of Cotati Ca. One of Mike Horns' favorites, the accordion is the centerpiece at the two day festival.

7/20 Larry Van Aalst talks with Bill Smart & Mary Lou Marek

 Bill Smart - Vice President & General Manager, Lambert Bridge Winery

Bill, a long term part of the Dry Creek Winery team, recently moved to take the General Manger position at Lambert Bridge Winery. With a wealth of experience, a top notch Winemaker, and a beautiful setting, Lambert Bridge is a gem among Sonoma County Wineries. We talk about how he balances work and family, and what it is like to maintain the great reputation that Lambert Bridge is known for. 

 Mary Lou Marek - Director, Fountaingrove District AVA

One of the Directors for the new FountainGrove AVA, Mary Lou comes to the wine world with an impressive business background. The FountainGrove AVA is celebrating the first FountainGrove AVA day August 20. Mary Lou is a natural who is telling us all about the history of the region and her Ricon Grade Winery. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7/6 Larry Van Aalst talks to Jean Arnold Sessions & Dennis Martin

 Jean Arnold Sessions - Executive Director, The Sonoma County Vintners Association 

When it came time to select the New Executive Director of The Sonoma County Vintners Association, Jean was the clear choice. Accepting the position after a unanimous vote by the Directors, there is no question that the Association is in the best possible hands. We talk about
what it takes to run a very influential organization in the California Wine Country, and the challenge of hitting the ground running with the Wine Country Weekend coming up for Labor Day.

 Dennis Martin - Former Chief Winemaker, Fetzer Vineyards 

After taking Fetzer Vineyards to being a world class winery as the Chief Winemaker, Dennis retired this year. Everyone in the industry knows what a great Winemaker, and exceptional guy Fetzer lost. Being a Wine Judge, and traveling, Dennis is as always very involved in the Northern California wine game. We talk about the changes the past few years have brought, and what he thinks the direction will be in the future.